Mutated Tao – Chapter 68: Festival

Chapter 68: Festival


The fact that it was limited was a problem that everyone had. And, to think that the answer to that problem was now in the palm of Li Huowangs hand.

Li Huowang completely ignored the question of how it was possible to give lifespan a tangible form. After going through so much in this bizarre world, Li Huowang couldnt be bothered with such questions anymore. Instead, it was more important for him to comprehend what it meant for him to have gotten his hands on this item.

With guidance from the Wandering God, Li Huowang raised the gourd before pointing it toward the sun.

Soon the mouth of the gourd opened up like a flower, revealing six round pills that were rolling slowly in a greenish liquid. At the same time, it was possible to see a golden glimmer on the pills. This golden glimmer was the Chinese character for lifespan.

Li Huowang carefully took out one of the pills from within the fluid, holding it firmly while placing all his attention on it.

The Wandering God had explained to him that the lifespan within the pill would disappear the moment it touched anything composed of the five elements. Basically, it would become useless the moment it fell to the ground.

A single pill contained enough lifespan to grant a normal human an extra year of life.

Under the sunlight, the pill slowly started to dissipate, turning into a yellow smoke.

Then, Li Huowang pinched the pill and it disappeared in his hands.

At that moment, Li Huoawng suddenly felt his body becoming lighterhe had just increased his lifespan by a year.

Wouldnt I be undying if I keep using these things?

However, Li Huowang quickly brushed off the thought.

Thinking back upon what Li Zhi had said, it wasnt hard to determine that this was the payment that the Immortals wanted for their help.

It mustve taken Li Zhi many rituals just to collect these few pills. If they were easy to collect, then there was no way Li Zhi would look so old.

For now, the only use he could think of for these lifespan pills was to help him in controlling the Wandering Gods.

Having thought up to this point, Li Huowang decided to take out the remaining five pills to absorb them. After all, he had summoned six Wandering Gods just to fight Li Zhi yesterday. That meant that he had spent eighteen months of his lifespan just last night. He needed to recover his lost lifespan.

However, just as his fingers were about to touch the lifespan pills, he stopped.

What if I can use these as a currency?

As the saying went, time was money. What if he really could trade money for time or vice versa?

The price of these pills would be astronomically high regardless of whether I sell them to cultivators or to normal people. Its quite a waste for me to just absorb them. I need to use them wisely.

Thinking up to this point, he retracted his hands from the gourd before placing it in the shade of a tree. Soon, the mouth of the gourd slowly closed.

Once it was closed, he picked the gourd up and walked back to the cart. Then, he found a string and used it to tie the gourd to his waist before continuing to rummage through the parcel.

But he didnt find anything else that was worth any money.

Old pieces of clothing, two pairs of worn-out shoes, some needles and threads, as well as a few clay sculptures in the form of Household Immortals. This was all that was owned by Li Zhi, his everything.

Looking through the items, Li Huowang sighed pitifully. Not only did the Immortals not allow Li Zhi to live a better life, it was even worse than that of a regular persons.

It would be easy for the Immortals to use their powers to amass immense amounts of wealth, using it to compensate Li Zhi for his work.

But the Immortals never did that.

They only ever wanted a slave that would amass large amounts of lifespan for them; they couldnt care less about how badly their slaves were living.

Li Zhi was right. The work of a Shaman was not something an ordinary person could do.

Senior Li, can you give these to me? asked one of the assistants as he stared at the clay sculptures, snot dangling from his nose.

Even though the assistants performed quite well under stress, in the end, they were still children, and all children loved to play.

But, Li Huowang shook his head and threw the clay sculptures on the side of the road. These things are dirty.

The wheels of the donkey cart once again started to creak as they continued on their journey.

While Li Zhi had lied to them about many things, he did not lie about the fact that the journey ahead would be perilous. The roads were uneven and there was not a single village in sight.

They walked on the muddy road for more than ten days before finally finding a medium-sized town.

Even though it was drizzling, it was unable to stop them from smiling.

We can finally sleep on beds. Its been so torturous throughout the journey, said a man with a single arm. It was not that he had just one arm, but that his other arm was as small as that of a baby.

Meanwhile, Li Huowang raised his head up from his map. We will rest here for two days. When the rain stops, we will resume our journey.

The donkey cart slowly rolled into the town.

When they arrived at the entrance of the town, they saw many horse carriages and ox carts exiting the town.

Compared to the carriages, there were even more people walking on foot. They were all wearing raincoats made from straw as they carried baskets full of yellow paper as well as bowls of fish, egg, and meat. All of them had expressions of sadness as they walked out.

Whats wrong? Did something happen in the town? Li Huowang asked instinctively.

Senior Li, today is the Qingming Festival. They are going to clean the gravestones, explained one of the assistants.

Its already Qingming? Time flies quite fast, huh. Li Huowang mumbled to himself.

Inside the town, there were many stores selling yellow paper, paper gold ingots, paper dolls, and even paper ox. Their business was booming.

At that moment, Li Huowang remembered his promise with Li Zhi. He did not want to dishonor it.

However, after getting his hands on some paper money and candles, he suddenly thought of a problem.

How do I do this? How do I burn paper money for Li Zhi?

Senior Li, leave this to me. I know what to do. Puppy patted his skinny chest with pride.

They soon arrived in the town square. Many of the townsfolk were gathered here, burning paper money for their dead relatives who had been buried far away from the town.

Puppy took out his knife and drew a circle on the ground with it, leaving a small opening toward the direction where they had buried Li Zhi. The yellow paper was then placed within the circle and burned, slowly turning into ashes within the circle.

As Puppy was burning the paper, he chanted, Im burning this for Li Zhi and his wife! Whoever dares to take his money is a **ing animal! You will be reincarnated as livestock in your next life!

Does it work when you shout like this? asked Li Huowang as he placed a paper gold ingot within the fire.

Yes! It will definitely work! My third uncle had taught me how to do this. If I shout like this, then the stray ghosts would not dare to come and steal the paper money we are offering to the deceased! Puppy was confident when he said that.

Li Huowang stared at the smoke that was slowly drifting upward as he slowly said, Do you think a human would turn into a ghost when they die?

Senior Li, what are you saying? If a person doesnt become a ghost when they die, then what do they become? asked Puppy.

Maybe thats it. When a person dies, they leave nothing behind, nor do they turn into a ghost. Humans are quite small and insignificant, said Li Huowang. He had seen many bizarre things in this world, but he had never seen a ghost.

Li Huowangs words caused everyone to feel uncomfortable as they looked around. Puppy was even hugging his arms to his chest as he soothed the goosebumps on his skin.

Aiya, Senior Li, what are you saying? Today is the Qingming Festival so we shouldnt simply say anything without thinking. A person becomes a ghost when they die. Then, they would arrive at Hell and be reincarnated. This is the truth, said Puppy.

Why are you so sure about it? Have you seen it yourself? asked Li Huowang.

Thats Thats because my second aunts mother told me this. Shes ninety four years old, so she knows everything, said Puppy.F0lloww new hapters at nov/(e)l/bin/(.)com

Chacha and Char's Thoughts

RIP Li Zhi, hope he doesn't get chosen to become a shaman in his next life

Also, lifespan pills are definitely something people would kill for in our society.

Chapter end

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