Mutated Tao – Chapter 31: A Wandering God

Chapter 31: A Wandering God

A show for the dead? Li Huowang felt his heart skip a beat. This was definitely something ominous.

Its actually nothing much. We just need to perform in front of their ancestors at their ancestral hall.

Since its just that, why dont you perform without me? Li Huowang had a feeling that it wouldnt be as simple as it sounded.

This is actually the first time Im performing for the dead, and so I feel a bit scared. I would love to have someone like you to watch over us so that we can perform in peace.

Old man, Im afraid that this is not something I can help you with.

Li Huowang already had a hard time just trying to hide and survive. In reality, he wasnt really strong or talented. Even though Lu Zhuangyuan said that nothing would happen, it was not something that Li Huowang would want to bet on. At most, they were just two groups of people traveling together; Lu Zhuangyuan wasnt someone who Li Huowang would risk his life to save. If Lu Zhuangyuan decided not to guide them to the next village because of this, then Li Huowang would rather split up with him and find someone in the village to ask for directions. Surely there would be someone else who would know the way.

Young Taoist, please dont be rash. I havent even finished speaking yet. Lets split the earnings in half, how about that? Lu Zhuangyuan became quite excited when he talked about the reward. Originally, I didnt really want to accept the job, but Old Hu promised to give us ten pieces of silver! A single piece of silver is worth 1000 coins! Ten pieces of silver are equivalent to 10,000 coins! That is a huge amount of money! Even if you want to ascend to Immortality, you would still need money to eat before you actually manage to become one.

These words caused Li Huowang to look toward the two bags of dried sweet potatoes. He really needed the money. Not only did he have to take into consideration their food ration, but he also had a feeling that they would need to spend quite a lot of money once they arrived at the Jianye village. It would be hard to complete their objectives without enough money.

Young Taoist, please, I beg you. I am even willing to split it 60/40 with you. Its not easy trying to earn money these days! Lu Zhuangyuan cried as he tried to persuade Li Huowang. If he failed to persuade Li Huowang, then he would have to decline Old Hu. After all, even if he could earn a lot of money, he would need to be alive to be able to spend it.

At that moment, Li Huowang suddenly turned and faced Lu Zhuangyuan. Is there a blacksmith in the village?


Under Lu Zhuangyuans guidance, Li Huowang soon arrived at the workshop of the only blacksmith in Wuli Gang.

What do you need me to make? A large man with a thick beard looked at Li Huowangs Taoist robe and huffed. His well-built muscles could be seen quite easily due to him being shirtless.

No need to make anything. I need you to fix this bell without pounding or melting it. Can you repair it? Li Huowang took out the bronze bell.

If he could fix it, then he might be able to summon the Wandering Gods. If he could do so, then he would be willing to accept Lu Zhuangyuans request. If he still failed to summon them, the money might not really be worth it.

Without pounding or melting it? What kind of bull** The blacksmith took the bronze bell and inspected it. Then, he took out two pliers and called out to his assistant, Come and help me.

The pliers were long and easily clasped the bell. He used the two pliers to grip the dented part. They intended to use the gripping force of the pliers to flatten it out.

Both of them used their full strength, but the bell did not budge in the slightest. However, Li Huowang had somehow expected this result.

What the What kind of bronze is this? Why is it so hard? The blacksmith was almost about to ring the bell out of curiosity but was stopped by Li Huowang.

Staring at the two pliers, Li Huowang gave it some thought before taking out a palm-sized gourd. Then, he took out a small pill from within it and ate it.

This was one of the first pills that Dan Yangzi had originally given to him. He had already eaten two of them before: one to save Yang Na, and the other one to kill Dan Yangzi. After eating this one, he would only have two more of them left.

As soon as he ate it, a stream of hot energy exploded in his dantian and spread out all over his body.RAd latSt chapters at n(v)e(l)bin/.c/o/m Only

Then, he took a deep breath and gripped the pliers, pulling.

It wont budge even with two people pulling at it together just what do you think you are doi" The blacksmith had just said that when the creaking sound of metal being bent was heardthe dented bell was slowly being pulled back to its original shape.

The blacksmith was completely stunned by what he saw. Soon, the bronze bell had been restored to its former glory.

Hehe, the young Taoist is quite talented. Lu Zhuangyuan chuckled as he bragged a bit in front of the blacksmith. In his heart, Li Huowang was omnipotent; this much was nothing.

After repairing the bell, Li Huowang left the village and entered the forest on his own. However, he didnt enter too deep into the forest.

Looking at the bronze bell, he rang it feeling hopeful.

As the bell rang, he felt the entire world start spinning around him. However, he did not stop and continued to ring the bell.

He felt everything around him turning, their edges starting to blur and twist before congregating into a single spot.

Its working!

Li Huowangs heart started to race.

Under the ear-piercing sound of the bell, a Wandering God soon appeared in front of him. This time, however, there was only one of them, unlike the time Dan Yangzi summoned them.

The Wandering God looked like a bundle of squiggly vibrating lines; its body did not have a distinct shape.

Li Huowang couldnt stare at it for too long; he had a feeling that if he did, the Wandering God would disappear.

He was just about to speak when he suddenly remembered what Dan Yangzi did last time. He scooped up a handful of dirt before placing it in his mouth.

While the dirt was not very appealing, he endured the stench and talked.

A bunch of gibberish came out of his mouth. He was trying to ask if the Wandering God understood him, but instead, his voice was contorted into a strange hum.

Somehow understanding Li Huowangs words, the Wandering God replied with a strange hum of its own.

Strangely enough, Li Huowang also understood its intention when he heard that hum. The Wandering God was saying that it would assist him! This meant that his fighting power would increase from now on!

Li Huowang leaned forward with excitement and asked the most critical question. He once again let out a strange hum.

While the Wandering God remained static, it hummed in a slow and firm tone.

Li Huowang once again confirmed what it meant and got back the same answer causing him to sigh.

There really are no free lunches in this world. Asking for its help requires a sacrifice.

The sacrifice that the Wandering God needed was three months of the summoners lifespan per order.

However, when Li Huowang asked whether Dan Yangzi had to pay the same price, the Wandering God remained silent.

Soon, the sound of the ringing bell slowly faded as Li Huowang clutched his head and stood in place for a bit as he recovered. After a while, he slowly walked back to Wuli Gang.

Young Taoist, why is your face When Lu Zhuangyuan saw Li Huowangs muddy face, he was confused.

About your proposal, I will accept it, Li Huowang said as he clenched the bell in his hand tightly.

Hooray! Thats amazing! I need to go and inform Old Hu immediately! Lu Zhuangyuan was beyond ecstatic.

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Chapter end

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