Leveling with the Gods – Chapter 494

Chapter 494


The reflection in Son OhGong's nervous eyes, who turned his head with a chilling feeling, was an unstable and slightly distorted shadow.


It was just one.

The Name that YuWon possessed.

Amorphous Chaos

It wasn't as massive as when it devoured Ubbo-Sathla. Instead, despite being unstable, it had a more defined shape than at that time.

"I told you that you would see it, right?"

It was a wolf hiding its teeth in chaos.

"I don't want it to bite me."

"Now that I remember, it was for this."

Bum, bang~

Ru Yi Bang spun slightly.

Although it clearly had a blunt end, within it lay a sharpness.


Ru Yi Bang cut the wolf, drawing an X.

The shadows scattered.

"But actually, it's not a big deal, is it?"

"It's still a bit complicated."


The dispersed shadow returned, reforming into its previous form.

A wolf appeared in front of YuWon, growling and baring its teeth at Son OhGong.

It was larger and had a more precise shape than before.

"I'm gradually getting used to it."


Son OhGong's eyes sparkled.

From the beginning, this fight was initiated so that YuWon could unleash his abilities.

For that, Son OhGong took it seriously, at least as much as when fighting the Outers.

If only YuWon could handle that strength skillfully...

If he could use that power he saw at that moment at will...

'The chances of winning will increase, right?'

Son OhGong also knew that.

Although he had achieved a lot, his chances of victory were still not very high.

So it was necessary.

A natural enemy of the Outers.

"All right, then..."



Lifting the Ru Yi Bang and spinning it, Son OhGong ignited his eyes.

"Let's see how far you can go."



Ru Yi Bang exploded the wolf's head.

The shadow lost its strength and scattered. The wolf that had raised its claws slowly faded away.

Crack, crack!

Lobos that approached from another direction were blocked by the staffs held by Son OhGong's clones.

The tough teeth couldn't break the Ru Yi Bang and got stuck halfway.

['Amorphous Chaos' takes form]

Teeth approached from behind Son OhGong.

"Now there are four, right?"


A Flying Nimbus enveloped in his fist.

The only magical property Son OhGong possessed.


Lightning Bolt.

The Lightning Bolt held by the Flying Nimbus exploded in the extended fist.

The body of the wolf created by the chaotic formless form was torn to pieces as it spread over the fist.

Clones. Ru Yi Bang. And Flying Nimbus.

The abilities representing Son OhGong were fully displayed. Son OhGong didn't allow the wolves to approach.

Thanks to that...

"It seems quite terrifying."

YuWon smoothly advanced into the range of Ru Yi Bang.

"So, will you give me all the space?"



A sword cut through the chest.

At the same time, the force of the Lightning Bolt infused in the sword threw Son OhGong's body backward.


Son OhGong's foot stepped into the void and stopped. Blood flowed slightly from his chest.

YuWon wielded the sword that had cut through Son OhGong's chest.

It was a sensation of colliding with a hard weapon rather than a living being.

"You still have a solid body."

"What's wrong? Didn't you want to practice with that?"

"Knowing how to use it also includes how I move along with it. If these things scare you, I can't help but take advantage of them."


Four wolves revealed their forms around YuWon.

At first, there was only one, but suddenly their number increased.

Each one was the size of a considerable tiger, black wolves with sharp teeth. They were the forms created in YuWon's mind.

If the Name had been used without any form, it would have appeared literally as an "amorphous" entity.

'Is it because I know Azathoth's name?'

Now it's no longer necessary to cling simply to the intangible power.

If one simply gets used to handling Names, they can use the force that was previously uncertain more concretely.

For example...

'In this way.'


By consuming Divine Power, the four wolves merged into one.

A larger wolf appeared after devouring the smaller wolves. It looked at OhGong and bared its teeth.



Son OhGong marveled at the appearance of a more powerful summoning.

"So, this can also be done?"

The shape-shifting chaos.

That was precisely what YuWon wanted to practice in this fight.

Amorphous ().

Without a defined form.

That's what YuWon thought until he knew Azathoth's name.

But it wasn't like that.

'It's not that it has no form, but it can become anything.'

The wolf's form was just something randomly created.

Initially, there was no form or set limit to this power.



YuWon's use of Names was still not as proficient as Azathoth's.

The wolf's head pierced through the extension of Son OhGong's Ru Yi Bang.

"Grow, Ruyi."


The wolf's body exploded. Watching the torn form disperse under the influence of Ru Yi Bang, Son OhGong shrugged.

"It's still not a big deal."



Black smoke rose around Son OhGong.

Son OhGong's expression, which had been so energetic just a moment ago, stiffened.

"In any case, this guy is always a big talker."



Dozens of eyeless wolves appeared around him.

And in the shadow looming beneath YuWon's feet, a much larger presence was reflected.

"Is that him?"

Son OhGong's eyes saw it all.

Beneath YuWon's shadow.

The more the power of the Name manifested, the more the figure hidden within was revealed.


A male figure reflected in Son OhGong's eyes.

It was undoubtedly the entity that had taken over YuWon's body.

"Why are you so distracted?"

YuWon's question made Son OhGong suddenly lift his head.

When was the last time he had done that?

When he had become distracted during a fight and lost sight of his opponent.

"Oh, sorry."

Creak, creak-.

Son OhGong shone his eyes again, looking at the wolves surrounding him.

'What was that again?'

Son OhGong's fist, holding the Ru Yi Bang, clenched tightly.

Sweat slid down his palm, slipping over the slippery handle. He felt every pore expanding, and his body heating up.


That was already left behind.

This was the first time he felt like this since he gained the trait of immortality.

'This is tension and nervousness, right?'

The fear that he could die. The tension tightly gripping his heart to overcome that fear.

Thanks to that, Son OhGong smiled more brightly than ever.

"It's thrilling..."

A beastly voice erupted from his lips instead of a melodic tone.

"I'm so excited I'll go crazy... yes!"


Son OhGong struck the air.

In the midst of the pack of wolves summoned by YuWon...

A larger predator rushed in.



The end of the staff moved smoothly.


Or was it sharp?


How long had it been since he saw the Ru Yi Bang swing so quickly?

Freely changing its length and thickness, it functioned both as an attack and defense. When the wolves' fangs approached, the Ru Yi Bang, which had imperceptibly shrunk, blocked the teeth.



The enlarged Ru Yi Bang knocked down a wolf. When other wolves targeted Son OhGong from behind, he turned his body and suddenly held the shrunken Ru Yi Bang in his hand.

"Shrink, and then..."



The Ru Yi Bang, stretching so much that it couldn't even be seen, deftly cut through the surrounding cliffs, tracing a huge circle.Finnd ew chapters on nve/lbi(.)com


Red eyes flashed, tracing lines as they moved.

In that brief moment, Son OhGong's Ru Yi Bang returned to its size, fitting perfectly in his hand.

It was a phantasmagorical skill.

'Beyond manipulating the staff freely, he calculates the length and thickness of the staff. Moreover, even the speed of the staff is calculated...'


The Ru Yi Bang flew past YuWon's head.

Using the Eyes of Foreknowledge, YuWon skillfully dodged it, following the rapidly shrinking Ru Yi Bang.

'Even the speed of the Ru Yi Bang is fast enough to make that possible.'

Who else in this Tower could handle such a changeable item so perfectly?

Among the Rankers YuWon knew, no one matched Son OhGong's sense of battle. At this moment, Son OhGong was not the usual foolish monkey.

'This is serious.'



YuWon's arm, blocking the Ru Yi Bang, trembled.

'It seems like this guy is slowly losing his mind.'

Son OhGong's eyes turned inward.

Although he was crazy about the fight, at least he didn't recklessly charge even in fights with his peers.

He knew it himself.

Although he looked human on the outside, his race was Yokai. Once they lost their reason and started running wild, it was difficult to control the excitement.


Son OhGong was like that at the moment.


Regardless of how much space there was between them, the Ru Yi Bang swung as if it didn't care.

YuWon's arm, using Gigantification, blocked the Ru Yi Bang. There was a dull metallic sound as the bones broke a bit.

Normally, it wouldn't have come to this.

'Did I irritate him too much?'


YuWon's body was thrown by the impact. Son OhGong continued flying and stuck to YuWon, who crashed into the wall.


The shadow that spilled from YuWon's body enveloped Son OhGong. In an instant, Son OhGong, who was completely dark, quickly spun the Ru Yi Bang he held in his hand.

Buuum, thud, bang-.

Son OhGong's staff pierced the black shadow enveloping his body. Without delay, it shot toward YuWon.


The staff flying through the wind made a whistling noise.

YuWon's eyes moved.

'Two directions, no...'


The direction of the Ru Yi Bang seen through the Eyes of Foreknowledge.

'How many are there?'

In a brief moment, so many that he couldn't even see them with his eyes.

He couldn't avoid them all. The direction he could verify with his eyes was limited, and he also had a limit on the range in which he could move his body.

He had to choose one thing.



YuWon's jaw was hit by the Ru Yi Bang, and his head lifted upward.


His head hurt. For a moment, his ears were plugged as all sounds around him disappeared.

But his body still moved. He lowered his gaze and saw Son OhGong swinging the Ru Yi Bang again.


The discomfort rose, and his hand clenched automatically.

"Like a madman...."


['Amorphous Chaos' adheres to the 'Otherworld Sword (2nd version)']

The sword's body, otherwise black, took on an even darker tone.

The Ru Yi Bang coming again was stopped by YuWon's sword.


Son OhGong's voice sounded confused.

With a crisp sound, the part where Ru Yi Bang collided separated. Beyond that, the black sword that YuWon swung cut through Son OhGong's chest.


Leaving a trail of blood, the black sword left a mark on Son OhGong's chest.

Tk, tuk-.

Son OhGong, who was treading on air, staggered with the impact, wobbling. If he hadn't called his Flying Nimbus quickly, he would have sunk into the ground and fallen into the infinite abyss.

Son OhGong, deeply immersed in the fight, finally regained consciousness.

On the other hand...

'What is this?'

YuWon realized thanks to that.

'Did it depend on my mood?'

Only for a training match.

With that mood, he realized that this Name was not easy to handle.


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Chapter end

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