Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 111: Identity Exposure

Chapter 111: Identity Exposure

We must be careful. Peter Pettigrew is a cunning opponent. We shouldnt underestimate him. I noticed that you dont even have a wand?!

Looking at Blacks appearance, Evan couldnt help but facepalm.

In the course of these events, Black was like an ultra version of harry.

Well, at the very least, Harry sometimes listened to other peoples advice, but Black completely disregarded them.

Evan noticed a white card that Black had just left on the floor. It was an owl mailing payment confirmation sheet.

The item ordered was a Firebolt and the recipient was Harry Potter.

This was Blacks Christmas gift to Harry. He looked at the astronomical price tag. Evan wondered, this guy had the time and the ability to buy such a valuable product for Harry, but he cant afford to get a wand for himself? Its just unbelievable!

Wand?! Sirius Black said dismissively. I dont need such a thing. I can handle Peter Pettigrew with my bare hands.

This is not an issue of strength. He might not be on par with you when it comes to power, but if he goes for an escape, anything could happen, just like 12 years ago! Evan continued to persuade black, We You must catch him this time. Thats the only way with which you can clear your name.

You still dont get it, kid. Black roared loudly. I repeat, I dont care what others think of me. I dont care if Im seen as guilty. I just want him to die. I cant wait anymore!

His loud voice shook the dust on the owls post office roof.

I can appreciate your desire for revenge, but at the very least you have to think about Harry. I have heard that you are his godfather. This is your final mission, the last thing that his parents entrusted you with! Evan still had more, Do you want Harry to have a murderer for a godfather? Do you want him to think that of you? That his fathers best friend sold out his friends to Voldemort?

Hearing Evans words, Sirius calmed down.

His body was trembling gently, with his eyes full of pain.

In the past 12 years, Harry had a very bad life at his aunts house. The Dursleys dont like him. You know that. Evan said softly, Maybe hed be willing to live with you, if you manage to clear up your name.

James and Lilys child, living with me Tears flowed out of Blacks eyes; he wiped his tears and sobbed. Youre right. For Harrys sake, I shall let that rat live on for a few more days.

Well, you can come to the Gryffindor common room at eight oclock tomorrow evening. Evan said happily. The goal should not be killing Peter Pettigrew, but rather catching him alive. Ill make sure that the rat will be there for you. If possible, Ill catch him myself, in advance.

Evan still had more to say, and as he prepared to further discuss the details of tomorrows plan with Black, Hermiones voice suddenly came from downstairs.

Are you up there, Evan?

I am, Ill be down right away. Evan hurriedly responded, beckoning to Crookshanks on the window sill, who jumped into his arms.

Who is this girl, your young girlfriend? Black had a smile at the corner of his mouth.

No, just my classmate. Evan hurriedly explained, You should know her. Her name is Hermione Granger. Shes good friends with Harry.

I do know this girl, a beautiful young girl indeed. Judging from your appearance, she looks like shes your senior student. Black looked at Evans face and saw his embarrassment. However, I just saw you with her at Madam Puddifoots Tea Shop

What I do with Hermione doesnt have anything to do with you! said Evan, blushing.

I was more popular than you in my student days. Many girls wrote love letters to me, but I was not as good as you. I have never been with my senior

Shut up and quickly change back to your Animagus form. Stay here until we leave. Evan raised his wand and said politely, Remember, the time is tomorrow night at eight oclock!

Evan finished his words and put his wand back in his waist.

He patted the dust off of his body and took Crookshanks down the stairs. He saw Hermiones little face blushing in the cold and looking at him worriedly.

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I found Crookshanks, Hermione!

What is it doing here? Hermione held Crookshanks. How did it get to Hogsmeade on its own? Its so far from school

She hadnt finished her words, when she stopped and looked behind Evan.

Following her regard, Evan turned his head hurriedly. He saw a big black dog walking slowly down the stairs, slouching and acting decently, like a noble gentleman walking into a high-level banquet. It didnt look a bit like a lonely stray dog.

Damn Sirius Black, getting down and adding to the mess. Didnt he just tell him to stay in the top floor?

Evan, this big black dog! Hermione looked at Black in panic, and said in an uncertain tone, Is it the thing that harry saw?

What thing? I said before, it was just a stray dog! Evan walked over and tried to kick Black, who leaped to the side, dodging Evans foot.

His eyes went back and forth over Evan and Hermione, with his mouth showing a really human smile, and looking at Evan with a look that all men knew.

Immediately afterwards, he ran to Hermione, squirting his tongue and shaking his tail and finally starting to look like a normal dog.

Before I turn you into a slug, get off! Evan pulled out his wand and gritted his teeth.

Wait a minute, Evan! Hermione hurriedly stopped him. She looked at Black in disbelief for a while and suddenly said to him in a whisper, I always feel that this dog is not normal. Harry said he saw it many times before, from the streets of London, to Hogwarts, and now its in Hogsmeade. Ordinary stray dogs cannot go so far.

Maybe its a coincidence. The stray dog that Harry was talking about, Ive seen it. Theyre not the same.

Because he was so close to Hermione, she kept whispering in his ear and her breath met his skin.

His face flushed with the heat of the moment. His heart was bumping fiercely and his thoughts returned to Madam Puddifoots Tea Shop.

He was one second away from her lips. They still have time; maybe he should go back with her in there and finish what he hadnt done.

No, Evan! This is definitely not a coincidence. I saw this dog in the vicinity of the forest in the past few days. It was watching Harrys Quidditch practice. It wasnt a different dog. Hermione looked back at Sirius Black.

Black looked at her strangely, and he approached slowly to hear what she was saying to Evan.

Evan, this big black dog Hermione lowered her voice a bit. I think its an Animagus!

What?! Hearing Hermiones words, Evan was choked.

Sirius Black, who had just come close, apparently heard the same thing as Evan, and the smile on his face suddenly froze.

Chapter end

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