Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 88: Evolving Conspiracy

Chapter 88: Evolving Conspiracy

He knew that if he was to be just a follower, he had to pick his master well.

Peter Pettigrew had a strange smile on his lips. If his companions were all killed by the Dark Lord, who could know that he had betrayed them?

His plan seemed foolproof. He began to sell the information about the Order of the Phoenix to gain the trust of the Dark Lord. Although Dumbledore doubted him, James, Sirius and Lupin testified for him, even though he was humblest member in their small group.

Peter Pettigrew knew too much about his three friends. They didnt believe him completely, but the pride and blind arrogance blinded their eyes. Even if they didnt trust him, they would still support him in the face of Dumbledores inquiry.

As long as he was still a member of this small group, the three of them will unconditionally support him.

Stupid Gryffindor. They providing me with the perfect cover!

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After knowing that Dumbledore began to doubt him, Peter Pettigrew would no longer leaked information because he was not sure whether or not they were a trap by Dumbledore. He knew that he had to endure and wait for an opportunity that would allow the Dark Lord to fully trust him.

He still remembered that rainy night twelve years ago, when Sirius, James, and Lily found themselves in a pinch, and they asked him to be the Secret Keeper of James and Lily.

That was based on Siriuss recommendation. Voldemort would be sure to come after Black, but he shouldnt pay attention to such a weak, talentless one like Peter.


That was also what they have always thought of him, a humble, weak, stupid companion who had never dared to refute them. They considered him the most appropriate secret keeper.

They did not tell anyone about this matter. Even Lupin and Dumbledore didnt know it. It was just a secret between the four of them.

That night, Peter felt he both happy and sad!

He had always waited patiently for his chance, and now hes become Potters secret keeper! When he determined that Harry that the Voldemort had been looking for was in the house, he could not wait to find the Dark Lord.

He bowed down and sold James and Lily out to the Dark Lord. As expected, he obtained the trust he had always dreamed of. The Dark Lord was also told the way into that place, the ancient relic he had found together with James, Black, and Lupin in the forbidden forest.

There was a strong dark power hidden in that relic. The Dark Lord must have been there during his school days.

It was said that there might be a strong source of strength for the Voldemort himself, certainly not all, but Peter was not greedy enough to want to be powerful black wizard like the Dark Lord.

As always, as long as he had his hidden spot in the backstage, he was satisfied. Before in Hogwarts, he relied on James, Sirius, and Lupin to get that position. Now, the Dark Lord, a far more powerful wizard, will help him find his place.

Peter Pettigrew thought so, but who could think that the Dark Lord would actually fail and lose against a newborn baby?

For some time, he used to think that he was very close to success, and that he was able to see power and status before beckoning to him. However, this dream instantly shattered, and he had no alternative but to flee.

Peter Pettigrew had no choice. Apart from Siriuss unending wrath, he had to avoid the chase of other Death Eaters.

The method he chose was to fake his own death. When the curse of Sirius hit him, he used a spell to make the whole street explode, leaving only one finger and letting everyone think he was dead.

Sirius Black took his spot as the chief culprit of the whole incident. Like he imagined, the proud Sirius did not explain to others. He felt that he had killed James and Lily by recommending Peter as a secret keeper. He wanted to go to Azkaban.

He managed to escape and his mother lost her son but received a first-grade Sir Merlin Medal, although he should have received much more than this.

Peter Pettigrew had seen with his own eyes that his mother had buried this medal and his own finger at his fathers tomb. On his tombstone was engraved: A brave and fearless soldier, a deserved Gryffindor, who gave his life against the dark forces of evil, making his parents proud.

Yeah, from his mothers point of view, he finally became someone like his father, and for such a foolish reason she should be satisfied with her life.

Peter Pettigrew closed his eyes in pain. From now on, he has to hide in the Weasleys house as a Rat. He knew he had to keep in touch with the magic world so that he could know the Dark Lords movements whenever he returns.

In the previous year, he saw the Dark Lord again in Hogwarts.

The once powerful Black Wizard had become a weak shadow. To tell the truth, Peter had been very disappointed. He couldnt understand what was going on. If Voldemort was no longer strong enough to be scary, what was the significance of his own betrayal?

He did not immediately reveal himself. He decided to observe at Voldemort and see if he was as strong as before.

Pettigrew was thankful that he had done so. In the next two years, he witnessed Voldemorts failing twice.

After seeing Voldemort fail again and again, Peter Pettigrew was in fear. He did not understand why the Dark Lord had failed. He obviously was incredibly powerful. But against a child, he kept on failing

It seemed that the tide had really changed; perhaps he should change camps again!

Peter Pettigrew awakened from his memory, something was moving outside. He quietly stretched his head and gave it a look. The time had already arrived at 3 oclock in the middle of the night. Outside was the house-elf, called Dobby, who was packing things.

Peter Pettigrew narrowed his eyes as he felt like they were in similar positions.

They were all so humble, so weak. The elf used to be the Malfoys slave, but he was now the servant of the boy Evan Mason.

Perhaps he could, like Dobby, turn to Harry Potter and take refuge with this savior who defeated Voldemort several times.

This was not impossible. The events of that year were only known to Sirius Black. As long as Sirius is dealt with, he would be able to reappear in front of the crowds as a hero.

The situation had completely changed. Since Voldemort had lost his power, his party members and the Death Eaters who had not been caught in Azkaban should not pose any trouble to him. It was time to return to the magic world. .

The only trouble now was that of Sirius Black. As long as he was eliminated, nobody should know what happened.

Peter Pettigrew had a new strange smile on his lips. He thought about it. He could tell the others that he had endured the burden of humiliation for many years. He had guarded the only legacy of his former friend and protected Harry from the evil forces.

He could re-emerge as a sad hero. He was the greatest hero who defeated Voldemort. He could even apply to become the only guardian of Harry.

Even if Dumbledore and Lupin were skeptical, they had no valid reason to object.

This was really wonderful. Maybe the Ministry of Magic would consider re-awarding him with a Medal of Merlin. And then, he would be able to get back the power source hidden for him deep in the forest. Those honors, powers, he should get it all back.

Peter Pettigrew knew he needed a plan, a plan to get rid of Sirius Black completely.

First of all, in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the plan, he needed to disappear from the crowd.

He wanted to avoid the pursuit of Sirius Black and the cat named Crookshanks, and he could not explain why, but Peter could feel that the boy named Evan Mason seemed to doubt him. He had to be careful. After all, he was able to beat Voldemort despite his young age. As he knew, Evan did not rely on luck or Dumbledores help as Harry did. The boy was totally on his own and he defeated Voldemort by his own strength and wisdom.

This was terrible. Peter was afraid that Evan already knew something. He should hide first.

Then he needed a wand.

Of course, those two things were not too difficult!

The hard part was that he wanted to know Sirius position. If Sirius was found, someone in the castle would be willing to help him deal with him.

Pettigrew suddenly remembered that he had once made the Marauders Map with James, Sirius, and Lupin. This map could help him. He remembered that the Marauders Map was confiscated by Filch in their seventh grade.

If there was no mishap, it should still be there.

Chapter end

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