Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 48 – Burning Heavens Mountain Plains

Chapter 48 – Burning Heavens Mountain Plains

This was first time Long Chen entered the Desolate Beast Domain from the Big Barren Mountain. Previously, he ended up here because of Lingxis wild flying and they had stumbled in from who knows where.

The last time he entered Desolate Beast Domain, Long Chen could barely deal with a fourth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm cultivator. Now that his strength had risen dramatically, if he used [Dragon Soul Transformation], he could basically catch up and fight evenly with a ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm cultivator.

With this strength, as long as Long Chen does not meet an overpowering beast like the Moon Devouring Demonic Wolf, he should not be in any danger.

In the Big Barren Mountain, the strongest demonic beast was only at the eighth level of the Huang grade. But the Desolate Beast Domain was a different matter. Although the beasts would naturally get stronger the deeper one enters, one could not eliminate the possibility that some stronger monsters might choose to go for a stroll in the outer area.

For instance the Moon Devouring Demonic Wolf. It did not belong to the area that it had appeared in last time.

So even now with a certain level of ability, Long Chen was still extremely cautious.

There was a foggy mist inside the Desolate Beast Domain and an endless sight of grey mountains and strange dead trees. An aura of desolation permeated the air and the atmosphere reeked of blood. Unknown demonic beast remains littered the ground. Some had decayed longer than others, a few which would disintegrate into fine dust with only a light touch.

Entering this place once again had made Lingxi a little afraid. Originally she was resting on Long Chens shoulder but after seeing this image of desolation she hurriedly returned to the Lingxi Sword.

From the map, the location of the Dream Spirit Grass is in the outer area of Desolate Beast Domain, unlike the previous time when it was much deeper. That location is called the Burning Heavens Mountain Plains. Lets rush over there now; at the most it will take us just half a day to get there.

After confirming the location and direction and with an acute perception from Lingxi to lead the way, if they were to encounter any strong demonic beasts, they could hide far away. If it were weak demonic beasts then they would just charge through it. So basically the journey was extremely smooth.

Half a days time gradually passed.

The Burning Heavens Mountain Plains may be on the outer area of the Desolate Beast Domain, but its size is extremely huge too. Its not certain if there are still any Dream Spirit Grass left. It looks like we have to look for it carefully.

If there isnt any then let us go back first, that Soul Diffusion Fruit Lingxi said worriedly

Damn, we havent even started looking and you said there isnt any. You have no will at all.

Although the sky in Desolate Beast Domain was always dark, there were still differences between day and night. Normally during the night, due to visibility issues, it tends to be a little more dangerous.

Long Chen observed from afar that there was a group of mountains that were black in colour. However the night was approaching soon, so it was not suitable for them to continue walking.

Oh well, it will be very difficult to find the Dream Spirit Grass at night. Lets carry on our journey tomorrow morning.

Lingxi used her sensory perception on the surroundings, and this actually drained her spirit energy. She too was extremely tired, so when Long Chen said to rest she heaved a sigh of relief.

In Desolate Beast Domain, the lairs and caves of demonic beasts are littered everywhere. I have to find a lair and get rid of the demonic beasts inside, so that there will be some safety.

After making up his mind, Long Chen began his search, and in the vicinity there were many mountain plains, so these caves were easy to find. Once Long Chen got rid of the fifth and sixth level Huang grade monsters inside, he began to clean up a little. Then he started a fire and prepared to barbecue some meat.

At this point Lingxi had already gone into deep slumber.

When the flame had just started, there came some scratching noises from outside. Long Chen stood up and at this point two robust looking men entered the cave. Upon seeing that there was actually a young man inside, they were startled. One of them who had a large physique, and wore a demonic beast pelt, ridiculed and said: You young brat, actually dare to come to Desolate Beast Domain, your guts arent small.

The other was a skinny and cultured looking man. He sized Long Chen up and laughed as he said to the person beside him: He seems to be already in the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. If only he knew his place, who knows he could have become a respected figure somewhere when he matures, what a pity

Both of them never give Long Chen another look, treating him like air and completely ignoring him.Then, as if minding their own business, they entered the cave and sat beside the fire that Long Chen had started.Findd new tories on nov/e(l)bin(.)com

Long Chen inwardly sized up these two men and he put a frightened expression on his face. These two people most likely discovered that someone was here, so they entered out of curiosity. Upon seeing that Long Chens strength was merely at the seventh level Dragon Pulse Realm, it posed no threats to them at all, so they were at ease, and conveniently stayed in this cave.

Both of them are merely in the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, which isnt a match for me. However it seems like they frequently visit this Desolate Beast Domain and should be rather familiar with the area. I should use this opportunity to find information about the Dream Spirit Grass and these two people arent Bai Shidong. Violence may not be a good solution. Right now they are making light of me, I might as well act like a grandson right now.

[TL Note: () To pretend to be a grandson who listens attentively and does things as an elders wishes]

Thinking of which, Long Chen immediately put on his grandson demeanour and eagerly moved to where the two people were and said flatteringly: Long Chen, pays his respect to Big Brothers. Both Big Brothers have such a profound level of strength. I, as your younger brother, am extremely impressed. Since we have met by fate and we seemed to be fated to come across each others paths in Desolate Beast Domain, it is my extreme honour to meet you. May I know the names of these two Big Brothers?

Originally these two thought that Long Chen would have been one of those arrogant and solitary kind, like a brat who belittled others based on their small achievements. They never thought that Long Chen was actually like a little manservant, as the proverb says, one does not reach out to hit a smiling person. If Long Chen was furious at these two for invading his cave, they could have just killed him. But Long Chen actually smiled jovially and approached them, which made them feel nonplussed.

Seeing the gaze filled with respect on Long Chens face, they looked at each other in the eye, and then the larger man said blandly: I am Chen Xiongzhou and this is Feng Mingyang. We both come from Yuanling City.

So they were actually from Yuanling City! Long Chen always had placed Yuanling City in high esteem, now he could ask about the kind of existence that Yuanling City was.

So it is Big Brother Chen and Big Brother Feng! Seeing the appearance of both Big Brothers, it seems like you have frequently visited the Desolate Beast Domain. Being able to come to these dangerous places often, your younger brother is extremely impressed. I loved to explore and take risks since I was young and this time I mustered enough courage to come to Desolate Beast Domain. I never expected that this Desolate Beast Domain was lurking with so many dangers. If I havent met both of you, I wouldnt know how to survive past this night.

Long Chen said these words with extreme conviction and sincerity, adding on a few phrases of flattery. These two men felt rather good about themselves and the contempt that they had held for Long Chen, now lessened.

Its not like your Big Brother Chen wants to berate you, but with your age and ability you are simply courting death by coming into this Desolate Beast Domain.

After waiting for Chen Xiongzhou to finish speaking, Feng Mingyang stroked his beard, and also used a seniority tone to reproach Long Chen: This kid is rather quick witted, however to survive in this world that is not enough. If you did not meet your Big Brothers and instead it was someone else, seeing a small kid like you here, they would most likely rob you of your wealth and claim your life!

Long Chen hurriedly agreed, and even scolded himself for having no brains. Saying if he did not meet these two kind hearted Big Brothers, his corpse would definitely be lying in Desolate Beast Domain.

However he was extremely aware that these two people had actually wanted to kill him. If not for his quick witted actions, these two would have already taken his life.

What happened next was Long Chen hurriedly flattering them, about an hour later, both of them had felt extremely good from his flattery.They only felt that this Younger Brother, Long Chen, was very sensible and knew quite a few things.

Oh yes, Younger Brother Long Chen. By camping here did you mean to enter the Burning Heavens Mountain Plains?

Long Chen nodded his head saying: Indeed.

Feng Mingyang nodded his head saying: I never thought that even you would be able to sense that theres something amiss at Burning Heavens Mountain Plains. These days Brother Chen and I have been observing the outskirts of these plains. The Burning Heavens Mountain Plains temperature suddenly increased to such a high degree, which seemed extremely strange. Even for us, we dont dare enter. As for you with only seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, your guts are a little too much.

Long Chen was startled, and after a while he laughed bitterly : To tell you the truth, the reason why I came to Burning Heavens Mountain Plains wasnt that I discovered any abnormalities. Actually I just wanted to look for Dream Spirit Grass, do you know where they are in Burning Heavens Mountain Plains?

Hearing that Long Chen did not know about the changes in Burning Heavens Mountain Plains, they felt extremely frustrated for divulging this news. However after remembering that Long Chen was only in the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, even if there were any treasures appearing in Burning Heavens Mountain Plains he wouldnt be able to obtain it, so they felt a little comforted.

These two are obviously here to look for treasures. Seeing a stranger like me here, they were naturally wary of me, and would want to silence me

Long Chens goal was Dream Spirit Grass, so he did not want any unnecessary trouble. As such he hurriedly told them of his main goal.

Hearing these three words, Dream Spirit Grass, Feng Mingyang nodded his head and said: The Burning Heavens Mountain Plains indeed have plenty of Dream Spirit Grass. We have been here to harvest some before, and roughly know of the location

Long Chen was elated, he never thought that by acting like a grandson he would gain such useful news and hurriedly said: Could both Big Brothers kindly lead the way for me?

Both of them exchanged glances. Right now it was only the two of them who knew about the changes in Burning Heavens Mountain Plains. With Long Chens appearance, they had actually wanted to finish him off when they first entered the cave to prevent any troubles from arising. But after seeing Long Chens young age, and already suspecting his grand background, they did not dare to strike first. After listening to Long Chen who had no concern with the changes in Burning Heavens Mountain Plains, along with Long Chens flattery being extremely comforting to them, they said: Oh well, originally we wanted to inspect it tomorrow morning, theres no harm in bringing you along. However dangers lurk at every corner in Burning Heavens Mountain Plains. Once the Dream Spirit Grass is found, you had better leave the place earlier to avoid dying in this place!

Hearing this warning, Long Chen pretended not to have discovered that underlying meaning, and said gratefully: Thank you Big Brothers, if I were to obtain the Dream Spirit Grass, I will definitely repay the both of you.

He was extremely clear of what these two had in mind. After all, he had been mixing around for 16 years and could be considered as an extremely sly and cunning fellow.

As both Big Brothers came from Yuanling City, could you tell me more of the Lingwu Family?

Seeing Long Chen abruptly asking this question, and also seeing that there was still some time before the sun rises, Feng Mingyang began to say out of boredom: Dont tell me you wish to enter the Lingwu Family? With your strength at this age, if after a few years you are in the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm you would be able to.

Are Big Brothers are also planning to enter the Lingwu Family?

Chen Xiongzhou nodded his head and then sighed, saying: One must pass a test if they wish to enter the Lingwu Family. One of the requirements is that the age cannot surpass 30 years old, while the strength has to be at the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. Both of us are nearing 30, so this is our last chance. If we do not reach the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm before then, we will lose the qualifications to enter Lingwu Family.

Long Chen was inwardly surprised. In Poplar Town, a ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm cultivator can be considered as the top expert. But at Lingwu Family the requirement just to enter was already the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, along with their age of under 30. This disparity was extremely huge.

Seeing this shocked expression on Long Chens face, Chen Xiongzhou said: It seems like you have not been to Yuanling City before and you will definitely not be able to imagine how big Yuanling City is. It is akin to a small country, with the citys central as the core.A radius of 500 li around it belongs to the city district, and from the east to west city walls, there is approximately a distance of 1000 li. At the center of Yuanling City there are two districts, and each district is 1/5th of Yuanling City. One of these districts is where the Lingwu Family resides, Lingwu City!

The numbers of registered members in Lingwu Family amounts to over 20,000 people. Each of them is above the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. It is split into the inner and outer family. When people like us pass the test, we will only be able to join the outer family; the real experts in Lingwu Family are all the inner family members and have various inherited bloodlines of the past hundreds if not thousands of years. Actually only that inner family can be truly considered a real member of the Lingwu Family. As for us joining Lingwu City, is actually just the role of a hired helper, but even if it is a helper, it is really a great honour.

Speaking of the Lingwu Family, they both had yearning expressions.

Long Chen was thoroughly in shock.

Twenty thousand peopleAll with strength of ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm and above? I never thought that this Lingwu Family would actually be this grand, and Yuanling City is only one of the counties within the Central Granary State. If it is already this big, then what about the Ten Thousand Nation Domain that father and Lingxi had mentioned! And that Long Ji Continent, how huge will that be?

The vast and boundless world momentarily made Long Chen feel helpless.

Suddenly he remembered that Xiaolang is also in this Lingwu Family.

I dont know if Xiaolang is an outer or inner family member of Lingwu FamilyWith his talent, most likely he is part of the inner family.

At this point Chen Xiongzhou growled: Only by becoming an outer family member of Lingwu Family, my family will be protected by them.This is not the type of protection given to their prefectures, but is akin to sending top level experts to get rid of any archenemies you may have! And that is only for getting into the outer family. Whats more, if your performance is great, youll immediately rise in prestige!

Long Chen recorded these words in his mind.

At this point his feeling of helplessness disappeared, and remembering that he still had the Dragon Jade and that mysterious Inherited Blood Essence, he was once again filled with confidence.

That Inherited Blood Essence, if it really belonged to the Immemorial Blood Spirit Dragon, what have I to be afraid of? One must know that it belongs to one of the ten Magnificent Ancestral Dragons

Chapter end

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