Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 47 – A Male Prodigy’s Three Pisses

Chapter 47 – A Male Prodigy’s Three Pisses

Only then did Long Chen tell everything he knew about the Soul Diffusion Fruit to the rest of them. Founder Yangs excited expression changed and he furrowed his brows when he heard that the Bai Family had discovered it too.

Long Chen did not speak of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, for fear that Founder Yang might panic.

At last Founder Yang exhaled loudly and said: So it was because of this Soul Diffusion Fruit that Bai Sheng wanted to exterminate my Yang Family. It is no wonder. Since ancient times, people can die for wealth, and birds die for food.

Soon after, his face turned cold and said: Since the Bai Family has become our Yang Familys archenemy, if they were to obtain the Soul Diffusion Fruit and allow Bai Sheng to breakthrough into the Deity Dan Realm, then my Yang Family will definitely perish without a doubt. So for this Soul Diffusion Fruit, I, Yang Cangqiong, must definitely fight with him for it!

Yang Qingxuan too nodded his head and said: A total of 3 Soul Diffusion Fruits. If the Bai Family obtains even one, our Yang Family will no longer have any standing in Poplar Town. It seems like this battle cannot be avoided. Right now, the Bai Family has two cultivators in the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, as well as in the eight level. As for our Yang FamilyFindd new tories on nov/e(l)bin(.)com

All of the people directed their gazes at Long Chen, and Founder Yang nervously asked: Long Chen, what exactly is your level of ability now?

Originally, the Yang Family had a slight edge over the Bai Family, but they never thought that Bai Li would suddenly appear. And Long Chen was the biggest variable in the Yang Family, so they were all extremely concerned with his ability.

Long Chen thought for a while and said: Grandfather, if we were to battle, you just have to deal with Bai Sheng. As for the rest, and any unforeseen circumstances, let me deal with them!

Long Chens words meant that he already had the ability to deal with Bai Li. Founder Yang heaved a sigh of relief and said: If thats the case, then we are barely able to match our enemys strength. However, the variables in the battle are extremely great, so we had better prepare during the next few days. If the Bai Family is not exterminated, I cannot rest nor eat in peace

If any of the so called Crimson Blood Sacred Sect were to come, then it would definitely not be an evenly matched fight, but a one-sided match instead. Looking at this old mans ageing face, Long Chen could not bear to tell him this truth.

Oh well. I will just work a little harder, and if there are any unforeseen circumstances, I will ensure that our Yang Family does not come to any harm as long as I am alive!

Long Chen laid on his own bed.

Hey, are you still thinking of the battle for the Soul Diffusion Fruit?

Lingxi emerged from the Lingxi Sword and looked curiously at Long Chen, who was seemingly deep in thought.

There isnt much to think about. Right now, I am in the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, and after [Dragon Soul Transformation], the reinforced body and tenfold quality of normal Qi, naturally I would not be afraid of Bai Li. However, if that Crimson Blood Sacred Sect were to send even just a ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm cultivator, then our Yang Family would most likely meet with misfortune.

Lingxi stood in front of his chest, and after looking at Long Chen for a while, she said grudgingly: A fellow like you, last time you hated your mother so much, but now you cant wait to fight to protect her. What a weird person. I have long told you: how could there be a mother in this world who does not love her son. Only you thought cynically.

Suddenly, Long Chen got up from his bed and said to Lingxi: Go back in. I am going out.

It wasnt easy for Lingxi to appear, so she did not comply and pursed her lips, asking: You should be practicing your cultivation diligently, what are you going out for?

Long Chen did not reason with her and walked out of the room on his own. Lingxi furiously looked at Long Chen and could only helplessly return back into the Lingxi Sword.

Xiao Xi, how much longer will the effects of the Dream Spirit Grass last for?

Suddenly asked this by Long Chen, Xiao Xi said a little bitterly: I dont know. Probably about ten days or so.

Long Chen nodded his head. Right now he had a decent level of strength, and even if he did not use [Dragon Soul Transformation], he was already unbeatable in the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. Exiting the Yang Family, he immediately headed towards the direction of the Bai Family whilst concealing his tracks. Lingxi momentarily asked nervously: Hey, what are you going to the Bai Family for?

A scamp like you wouldnt know a thing about what I am about to do!

Lingxi was momentarily so annoyed that she could not be bothered with him anymore.

Very soon, they arrived at the Bai Family and Long Chen hid at a covert area and said: Xiao Xi. Later when I go in, if there are any eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm cultivators from the Bai Family appearing, give me a warning.

No, I dont even care if you die.

After coaxing for a long while, only then did this little princess change her mind and agree to help. Long Chen had actually regretted it a million times, he decided not to say such spiteful things to Lingxi in the future.

After sneaking into the Bai Family, Long Chen carefully moved around, and Lingxi was unable to curb her curiosity, asking: Hey, what are you looking for exactly?

Looking for Bai Shidong.

Lingxi thought of the prodigy that peed twice in his pants, and thinking of it, she found it extremely funny. But he did not know that Long Chen was looking for him. After a while, Lingxi suddenly said: Found him, he is sleeping in that room.

It was almost noon now, and Bai Shidong was actually still sleeping, Long Chen was really impressed. Following Lingxis guidance, he entered the room, and as expected, Bai Shidong was still sleeping soundly. He had even drooled all over his pillow, and the blanket had been kicked onto the floor.

Without saying another word, Long Chen immediately wrung his neck and forcefully shook him awake. When Bai Shidong opened his drooping eyelids and suddenly saw the devil Long Chen of a nightmare who was wringing his neck at the moment, he was so frightened and scared silly that he wanted to scream. But his neck was grabbed tightly by Long Chen, and a not single sound could be produced.

Dont move, and dont make any noise. If not, die.

Bai Shidong quivered and finally woke from his slumber. Not daring to move anymore, he looked at Long Chen, his eyes brimming with tears.

Seeing this disappointing and unpalatable expression, Long Chen got furious and said: Stop weeping like a wimp! I will just ask you a question, and if you obediently answer, I will naturally not claim your life. But if you try to do anything funny, Bai Shichen and the rest will be your role model!

Thinking of the miserable state of Bai Shichen and the rest, Bai Shidong suddenly turned pale. Long Chen knew this fellow did not have any backbone at all, and could not be bothered anymore. He asked: Tell me, how did you get the Dream Spirit Grass?

After hearing the three words Dream Spirit Grass, Lingxi finally knew of Long Chens purpose, and thinking that he had actually placed himself in danger by entering the Bai Familys residence for her, Lingxi was extremely touched.

Bad guy, why didnt you say so earlier. If you did, I wouldnt have been angry with you

Lingxi had a very sweet feeling in her heart.

Long Chens question made Bai Shidong speak out urgently: Ill tell you, Ill tell you. It was sold to me by the Liang Familys Master, Liang Chen. You should know him?

Liang Chen? Long Chen had some inklings of who he was. He was the master of a small faction in Poplar Town, and his strength had reached the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm.

Now that he had already found out what he wanted to know, Long Chen prepared to leave the Bai residence. However, if he were to just leave, this Bai Shidong would immediately call for help. That would definitely cause trouble, so making Bai Shidong unconscious was necessary.

After Bai Shidong finished talking, he thought that Long Chen would not hurt him, but who knew that when he looked at Long Chens eyes, there was a vicious gaze. He was so scared that even his soul flew away, and at this point, Long Chen already sent him a punch, knocking him out.

Turning away, the smell of piss suddenly infiltrated his senses, and Long Chen felt that he could immediately fall onto his knees and prostrate in front of Bai Shidong.

I have seen you a total of three times, and each time you have rewarded me with piss. Such an extravagant gift. I feel so pampered

Seeing this scene from inside the Lingxi Sword, Lingxi also had chuckled to no end.

Very soon, he left the Bai Family. Only then did Long Chen head towards the Liang Family. The Liang Family was situated at a corner in Poplar Town, so only after a while, did Long Chen manage to get there.

The master of the Liang Family was a big-sized man. When Long Chen had killed Bai Zhanxiong, he had been there and had also been thoroughly frightened by Long Chens methods. At this point, seeing Long Chen looking for him, he was a little afraid as he welcomed Long Chen into his residence and received him warmly with wine.

Long Chen went straight to the point and said: Liang Family Master, this time Im looking for you mainly because of the Dream Spirit Grass. I heard that Bai Shidong had bought a Dream Spirit Grass from you, so I was wondering if you still had any left? If its about money, I will definitely not treat you unfairly.

Hearing Long Chen speak of the Dream Spirit Grass, Liang Family Master revealed a bitter expression and said: My sincere apologies. I have only stumbled across a Dream Spirit Grass once in my life, and I sold it to Bai Shidong. If you want more Dream Spirit Grass, I dont have any solutions for it.

Long Chen was not someone to give up that easily, so he continued asking: Then could you let me know how Liang Family Master came across this Dream Spirit Grass?

Seeing that Long Chen seemed to want this Dream Spirit Grass rather badly and in the Poplar Town, the Yang Family was now the overlord, naturally the Liang Family Master wanted to establish some connections so he said: It was in the Desolate Beast Domain. I can roughly point out the location of the Dream Spirit Grass to you on a map. However, Young Master Chen, the dangers in this Desolate Beast Domain are aplenty

Long Chen interrupted him and said: If you were to give the map to me, I will definitely repay you in the future!

Only then did the Liang Family Master nod his head and allowed his second brother to host Long Chen, while he went to prepare the map.

After an hour, Long Chen held the map and walked out of the Liang residence, heading back to the Yang Family.

Hey, there isnt much time left till the ripening of the Soul Diffusion Fruit, and right now, the Yang Family needs you the most. And you still want to go to the Desolate Beast Domain to find the Dream Spirit Grass for me?

The Soul Diffusion Fruit indeed does have around eight more days before it ripens, and I want to take this opportunity to try and get you some spirit healing medicine. During the battle for the Soul Diffusion Fruit, I dont know if accidents will happen, and if I were to die, at least you can endure a little longer with the spirit medicineAnd this should give you a little more hope to survive.

Seeing Long Chen thinking for her, Lingxi suddenly felt like sobbing, and although there were no tears, she still cried to her hearts content.

Long Chen felt cold sweat form and said: Girl, what are you crying for, I am only saying that I might die. Its not like I have already died!

The main purpose in returning to the Yang Family now was to bid farewell to the members. However, Yang Xueqing was not in the residence, and Founder Yang was out in town busy handling the matters of the mayors role. Only then did Long Chen look for Yang Lingqing, and this girl was studiously reading the [Seven Hallucinatory Sword Slash].

Long Chens arrival gave her a shock.

What are you looking at? Hiding it behind you, could it be some erotic material? Long Chen teased Yang Lingqing.

Yang Lingqings face darkened and she took out the [Seven Hallucinatory Sword Slash] scroll, saying: Look at it and tell me if this is an erotic picture. How is there an elder brother like you who is always so improper.

Long Chen casually flipped a few pages and remembering that Lingqing and Yang Lingyue were competing for the Phantom Glass Sword, he wanted to give her some pointers. He never expected Yang Lingqing to snatch the scroll back already and say: Dont even think of wanting to help me. This is a fair match between Lingyue Elder Sister and me. If you were to help me, my victory wont be that splendid, and naturally, I wouldnt be able to say that I am better suited for the Phantom Glass Sword.

Seeing the stubborn temper of this girl, Long Chen suddenly felt that her attitude was somewhat similar to his.

Its no big deal if I dont teach you, since I cant be bothered. Oh right. Lingqing, I am going out for the next few days. When Grandfather and the rest return, do help me convey this message to them and say that I will definitely return at the most crucial moment.

Yang Lingqing looked at Long Chen suspiciously and said: What is the most crucial moment? Where are you going? Why so mysterious? It couldnt be the Emerald Jade House, could it?

Chapter end

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