Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 31 – Soul Diffusion Fruit

Chapter 31 – Soul Diffusion Fruit

Big Barren Mountain was vast; however, the nearest dwelling was Poplar Town which had only two cultivators in the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. They are the Bai Familys Master and Founder Yang. So, when there appeared another cultivator of the ninth level, Long Chen was rather surprised.

Xiao Xi, what is this whole thing about unripen spirit medicine?

All spirit medicine needs to have a certain period to ripen fully before one can pluck it. This is even truer for higher level spirit medicine grades. Now were a little far away but if we get closer, I can most likely recognise the fruit.

Now, since it was still a little too early to kill Bai Shiji and Long Chens nature was of one who liked to take small advantages if there was a real treasure, he would naturally not let go of this chance.

However, he knew how difficult it was to face a ninth level Dragon Pulse Realm cultivator who had broken through the Heaven Dragon Vein, so it was better to be careful.

Long Chen sneakily walked amongst the shrubs and after crossing a few hill peaks there appeared a deep valley with flourishing trees. Within the midst of the valley was a pervading, humid, air and just reaching this point, Long Chen felt that he could not breathe smoothly.

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After hearing Lingxis instructions, Long Chen hid behind a tall and unnamed ancient tree. At this point, Lingxi carefully sent her consciousness towards the valley which was filled with many granite caves and a few rare footprints of humans. Lingxi described everything she saw to Long Chen.

Im not sure what that is, but I can confirm that its a Profound grade spirit medicine

Profound grade?

Above the Huang grade, will be the Profound grade. To people like you from Poplar Town, the Profound grade spirit medicine is much more valuable than life and I reckon that even if you sold all of Poplar Town, the amassed wealth would not be able to exchange for even a single Profound grade spirit medicine.

Lingxi said it casually, but the emotions in Long Chens heart surged tremendously.

He knew that in the realm of cultivation there are definitely more levels above the Dragon Pulse Realm and that mysterious Lord Lang should be of that level. He also knew that there are also demonic beasts above the Huang level, for instance the Moon Devouring Demonic Wolf.

Be it divine weapons, spirit medicine, or martial techniques, there are still higher levels.

Normally, any cultivator in a certain realm will complement themselves with a martial technique of the same level and fight demonic beasts of the same level. Spirit medicine however, naturally the higher grade it was, the better. Profound grade spirit medicine, used by a Dragon Pulse Realm cultivator, would have tremendous benefits.

For the two big families in Poplar Town, if one were to get such a spirit medicine, they will definitely soar in strength and reputation.

With Lingxis instructions, Long Chen once again crept a little closer and at this point he had almost arrived at one of the granite caves. He could feel an immense aura emitting from someone who was quietly sitting somewhere not far away and he held his breath, not daring to move recklessly.

At this point, Lingxi let out a surprised voice which sounded like a mosquito ringing beside his ears.

I never thought that will be such a rare item like a Soul Diffusion Fruit Tree and its even growing the maximum total of 3 fruits

These fruits outer skin are still green, however this Soul Diffusion Fruit ripens quickly and according to my observations it should be about 8-9 days before these 3 are ready to harvest

When Lingxi had fully seen the type of spirit medicine and even knew about the maturity period of the fruit, Long Chen knew that he no longer had to wait here anymore.

Taking a deep breath Long Chen was about to leave but at this moment the mysterious man who was guarding the fruit suddenly stood up and walked towards his direction.

Long Chen suddenly broke out in a cold sweat.

In fact, he had not been discovered by that person, but simply his luck was too bad. He just had to encounter the mysterious man when the man had stood up and began stretching his body while taking a look at the surroundings outside.

If that being the case, with Long Chens strength in the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, if the man were to walk a little closer, Long Chen might have been discovered.

If that occurred and under such a close distance, he would really be in trouble.

Long Chen immediately made up his mind and before the other party could discover him, he used his explosive strength and dashed towards the exit of the valley and hid in the shrubbery!


That person had a great shock and hurriedly rushed out. The speed of ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm was extremely swift and Long Chen immediately felt a strong wind from behind his back.

The whole shrubbery suddenly exploded and a strong aura came sweeping towards Long Chen. Although Long Chen had constantly changed directions while fleeing, he was still unable to get rid of this fellow.

This person is guarding the Soul Diffusion Fruit, he should be afraid of me using the strategy of moving the tiger away from the mountain!

[TL Note: () Strategy of moving the tiger away from the mountain: Chinese idiom meaning to lure a person away]

Long Chens brain worked quickly and thinking of this, he immediately placed his fingers into his mouth and blew a resounding whistle.

As expected, when the whistle had sounded out, the mysterious man momentarily frowned. Seeing that he was still a good distance away from Long Chen, he gave Long Chen an unresigned glare and then turned around!

At this point Long Chen had turned around and looked at the mysterious man. This was a man whose years had almost caught up to Founder Yang and although he was quite elderly, his physique was strong and muscular and the gaze in his eyes was sharp!

Long Chen being able to act quick-wittedly in this situation had let Lingxi become rather impressed. One must understand that the number of people able to think of a method to protect their life at such a critical juncture was, indeed, not many.

Long Chen looked at the figure that was moving away and at the same time asked: Xiao Xi, what uses does that Soul Diffusion Fruit exactly have?

If we were to talk about it, it should be extremely useful for you. Soul Diffusion Fruit is a Profound grade spirit medicine and when you consume it at the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, you should be able to rely on the medicinal properties of the spirit medicine and condense your Qi into a Human Dan in your dantian and enter the Deity Dan Realm.

Deity Dan Realm?

Since he started on this path Long Chen has had no knowledge of cultivation and now he was learning that as it turned out, there was a realm after the Dragon Pulse Realm called the Deity Dan Realm and the way to breakthrough to it was not by breaking through the nine Dragon Veins,but to condense his Qi to a Human Dan.

Looking at Long Chen who seemed to both understand and yet not understand, Lingxi helpless said: The Deity Dan Realm is split into three levels: the Human Dan, the Earth Dan and the Heaven Dan. and each level is split into the initial phase, middle phase and the late phase so you can categorise the Deity Dan Realm into 9 stages., Oh right, that Lord Lang is actually a cultivator of the Heaven Dan Realm.

Long Chen had a thirsting appetite for this knowledge. He was, in fact, rather clever and realised that there were 9 levels in the Dragon Pulse Realm and the Deity Dan Realm realm was also split into only 9 levels. He realized that the beginning phase of the Human Dan Realm and Mastery Stage of the Heaven Dan Realm difference is actually comparable to the difference from the first level of the Dragon Pulse Realm to ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm.

Earlier, Lingxi saying that Founder Yang was no match for even a single strike of Lord Langs was actually rather reasonable.

That Lord Lang, who was so young, already had such frightening achievements and once again Long Chen truly understood the saying: there are always people better than you.

However, Long Chen was not dismayed. He had a mysterious father, Lingxi, who was rather secretive but was of tremendous help to him, the Mysterious Dragon Jade Pendant, and even the Inherited Blood Essence of the Immemorial Blood Spirit Dragon. All this is proof of him becoming stronger!

With these items, as well as learning the overpowered [Blood Transmuted Qi] technique, he believed that one day he will reach the standard of Lord Lang.

What Long Chen is really concerned with right now though, are the uses of the Soul Diffusion Fruit.

This means that if your Yang Family were to get that Soul Diffusion Fruit Tree, most likely 3 Deity Dan Realm cultivators can be nurtured, which is more than enough for a small family like yours to be the overlord of a 100 li radius.

Lingxis words made Long Chen covet it. After all, these Soul Diffusion Fruit are really a rare item to come by and if Founder Yang were to know he would definitely be extremely excited.

Long Chen knew that Founder Yang had been stuck in the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm for many years and only if he obtained the Soul Diffusion Fruit would his cultivation greatly increase, along with his longevity. Basically, it would already be a step towards heaven!

The ripening date of the Soul Diffusion Fruit is actually just a few days away. Right now, however, I am in the demonic beast hunting competition and my most important task is to kill Bai Shiji. As for whether to tell the news of this Soul Diffusion Fruit to Founder Yang, well decide when the time comes.

Lingxi nodded her head and said: The Soul Diffusion Fruit ripening will create a phenomenon and explosively emit a strange scent. The few people in Poplar Town within the higher levels of the Dragon Pulse Realm will be able to sense it and most likely they will fight for it. Even if you say nothing, Founder Yang will also know. However the earliest person who is on a pavilion near the water will first enjoy the moonlight..

[TL Note: () Earliest person who is on a pavilion near the water will first enjoy the moonlight : Chinese idiom meaning to obtain benefits first due to proximity.]

Never imagining that there was even a phenomenon associated with the ripening, Long Chen memorised the location in his heart,and then directed his sight the forest while the gaze in his eyes gradually turned frosty.

Since we have delayed for a bit, Bai Shiji has most likely fought with the demonic beasts for a while now. Going over now is the best time to claim his life!

Saying which, Long Chen rapidly headed towards that direction.

Shortly after leaving, Long Chen suddenly raised his head and actually saw Lord Lang sitting on a branch of a tree.

Those Bai Family younger generation are going to kill the 3 members of the Yang Family. I think you had better go over and help them quickly.

Long Chen eyes grew big and he almost thought that he had heard wrongly.

Bai Shichens side wants to kill Yang Wus side? What exactly happened? When those few bastards came in earlier they were still colluding behind my back, yet now they are killing each other?

This Lord Lang would definitely not be joking so what he said is definitely true.

Yang Wu and Yang Lingyue did not matter much to Long Chen, but he had to look after Yang Lingqing.

If anything were to happen to Yang Lingqing, I will definitely bury you few bastards of the Bai Family together with her!

Lord Lang pointed out a direction to Long Chen and said: Theyre over there, you had better hurry.

Long Chen gratefully looked at him and, only after saying his thanks, did he explosively use his fastest speed and rushed towards that direction.

After he left, Lord Lang furrowed his brows at his leaving figure and muttered: Strange, why is there a Beast Warriors aura on him? This aura should be that of the Underground Blood LizardsNo, should be something similar to the Underground Blood Lizard King

Long Chen was extremely impatient and as he rushed forward the surroundings constantly shrank in his view.

It was unclear on what basis the Bai Family wanted to massacre them but Long Chen knew that both families had close ties and if there were no clashes it would be fine. But once someone on one side kills the other, the ties would definitely be cut and the result would be war until one side was completely annihilated.

Is it because of the position of Mayor that these two Families coveted? But they are hosting a marriage right now

At this moment, no matter how smart he was, Long Chen could not understand what was going on.

By this point, the sound of fighting was faintly audible and Long Chen gaze turned cold. As if a leopard, he moved quickly amongst the forest!

Suddenly, a piece of empty land appeared before his eyes and the two people that were fighting were actually Yang Lingyue and Bai Shiji who had acted like a lovey dovey pair earlier.

Long Chens eyes scanned the scene and saw that Yang Wu was already on the ground, his face pale and blood flowing from the corners of his mouth, staring in rage at Bai Shiji. As for Bai Zhixing and Bai Shidong they stood beside the injured Yang Wu to constrain him.

Bai Shiji, on the other hand, was only messing around with Yang Lingyue. There were a few times when he could have injured her but he never did, only tearing a piece of cloth from her body each time.

As the fight progressed, the clothes on Yang Lingyues body gradually became less and less and nearly the spring sunshine emerged to bring the world alive. At this moment she cried like she was made of tears, her eyes showing extreme despair and helplessness!

[TL Note: () Spring sunshine emerges to bring the world alive: Meaning to have a glimpse of something intimate (in this case underwear)]

Bai Shiji, you goddamn bastard!

Heart wrenched, Yang Lingyue screamed as she glared at Bai Shiji who had been tearing off her clothes with one hand.

Chapter end

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