Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 3 – Dragon Pulse

Chapter 3 – Dragon Pulse

While Long Chen was standing there dumbfounded, Qi that forcefully broke out from the mysterious jade emblem appeared in his dantian.

Where did this Qi come from? Could it be that the Dragon Jade absorbed it from my fathers body?!

Although Long Chens physical training was at the pinnacle stage, the huge amount of Qi had exceeded his ability to harness it. The abrupt energy flowed outwards from his limbs, sending the earth flying in all directions!

A scorching wave surged through his chest, causing Long Chen to cry out in agony. He gritted his teeth, already drenched in sweat!

The Qi in his dantian thrashed violently within, and seemed ready to explode at any moment. At this rate, it would result in death by combustion. Long Chens eyes turned red at the thought of dying without a complete corpse.

Im not someone who dies so easily! Dragon Pulse? Break through it!

After training the body, at the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, a practitioners dantian generates Qi. When a sufficient amount of Qi has been gathered, it will transform into the Legendary Dragon, and break through the first Dragon Vein. And the amount of Qi in Long Chens dantian at this time far surpassed the requirement!


Gritting his teeth, sweat dripping onto the ground, he let out a roar. Under his skillful manipulation, the Qi in his dantian transformed into a Dragon. Sucking in a deep breath, he resolutely pushed forward towards the Dragon Vein! With a bang, the Dragon Vein was burst open by his forceful Qi. A countless amount of Qi rushed in like a raging flood, thundering into the Dragon Vein. Formerly closed, the Dragon Vein expanded inch by inch under the assault of the Qi. Throughout this entire process, the Dragon Qi also expanded crazily!

[TL note: Here the author wrote the Qi condensed/transformed into the form of a Dragon, but because Dragon-like Qi sounds weird we decided to go with Dragon Qi, but the Qi is not really from a Dragon.]


The first Dragon Vein, in a quarter of an hour, was suddenly pierced through. The Dragon Qi cycled through the Dragon Vein several times, then returning to the dantian. However, the Qi that had just returned to the dantian at this time ceaselessly rampaged around. The powerful Qi had bloated Long Chen, making his entire body feel extremely uncomfortable!

After opening up one Dragon Vein, I actually managed to break through the first level of Dragon Pulse Realm! However, the Qi in my dantian is still growing at an extraordinary pace. This level two Dragon Pulse, I have to give it a try today!

Inside, he knows that just then, it could be said that he broke through the first Dragon Vein almost effortlessly. With the momentum he had now, he cannot let this opportunity go. As he sat in front of his fathers grave, he gritted his teeth, and rushed towards the path of the second Dragon Vein.

The difficulty of breaking through the second Dragon Vein and the corresponding amount of Qi needed, in comparison to the first, was many times greater. Just from this, it is apparent how difficult it is to train in the Dragon Pulse Realm. In Poplar Town, even after investing copious amounts of money and a lifetimes worth of effort, it is extremely difficult to ascend into the realm after the Dragon Pulse Realm!

He again altered his Qi into a mighty Dragon. Today in front of his fathers grave, he gritted his teeth and made up his mind to keep on going even if it cost him his life, forcing the immense amount of Qi to advance bit by bit in the Dragon Vein. Opening up the second Dragon Vein is much more difficult than the first, if he failed, then he would have to start from the very beginning!

A quarter of an hour later, Long Chen only managed to open up ten centimeters, and at this time, he was already exhausted. However, when he remembered his old mans words, and the tears that appeared in his eyes right before his death, Long Chen felt that the pain and suffering he was experiencing right now was insignificant!

That devil wanted me to become strong, and I agreed to his request. With my personality, even if I die, I will properly accomplish the tasks you have given me. Today I will break through this second Dragon Vein, and make you look at me in a new light!

At the same time, he also thought of the people that had insulted him behind his back, and those that had laughed at him.

Forget it, I am not a cold and ruthless person. Those that have humiliated me, if I ever become stronger than them, then it is only fair for me to return the favor!


After two hours, the second Dragon Vein was finally broken through. Two mighty streams of Qi flowed through his two Dragon Veins and through his entire body, strengthening it. Even more Qi was circling his dantian, and settled there.Read latest ovls at nv/e/l/bi(.)com

When the Qi flowed over his seven orifices, he felt those senses reach an unprecedented clarity. Even though it was nighttime, he could see a larger area, and when carefully listening, he could hear the birds and the insects around him much more lucidly.

Upon entering the Dragon Pulse Realm, it was as if he underwent a dramatic transformation. Right now, he felt like he was as light as a swallow, and yet possessed the force of a thousand jin.

[TL Note: 1000 jin = 604.79 kg]

Long Chen stood up, feeling reinvigorated and full of strength, his face revealing a smile.

Right now, he is already at the second level of Dragon Pulse Realm. Using this Qi, even snapping this tree at his side wouldnt be too difficult if he went at full force.

And from today onwards, he can finally be considered to have stepped into the ranks of a true practitioner!

Looking at Long Qinglans tombstone once more, Long Chen once again kowtowed a few more times.

My many achievements tonight all stem from you. Before I hated you for you have given me nothing, but now I acknowledge my mistake. You are a good father.

Standing up, he drove the wagon back to Poplar Town.

Somethings amiss

Long Chen frowned.

This Dragon Jade was originally in my fathers dantian. I initially had thought that its appearance in my consciousness was an anomaly, but now thinking back on it, theres around an eighty percent chance that my old man already knew about it, and thus urged me to remove it from his dantian. This Dragon Jade is extremely mysterious, and my old mans words were very cryptic. The way he spoke of the Continent of Dragons and those superpowers were exceedingly mystifying. Could it be that my old man has some sort of background?

Thats right, before father came to Poplar Town, nobody knew a thing about his past.

Long Chen frowned and said: The most important thing is that my old man definitely recognised the origin of this Dragon Jade, but allowed it to extract his Qi until his death, yet now he is letting me inherit it. This twist of a mystery, what could exactly be the reason?

Turning his mind back into his sea of consciousness, the mysterious Dragon Jade was still floating in tranquility. Even if Long Chen was gifted with ten brains, he would not be able to explain why it would appear here.

The sea of consciousness is actually a void of emptiness, so if he were to tell others about it, that matter could actually enter the sea of consciousness, it is inevitable that no one would believe him.

Once again this further exudes the mysterious quality of the Dragon Jade.

However at this moment, Long Chen unexpectedly discovered that Qi from the Dragon Jade was still flowing into his dantian, albeit not as much as before.

Long Chen was elated.

My Qi is constantly increasing, probably even surpassing the others cultivation speed. With this speed, catching up to the others shouldnt be too difficult to achieve.

He formerly presumed he would lead a normal mortal life, but now there is finally hope.

Looking at Poplar Town which was just ahead, Long Chen thought of Long Qinglans tasks for him.

The gathering of the Yang family with all their outstanding disciples all of them are experts and geniuses. I cannot compete even against Yang Zhan, let alone the rest. My old man wants me to emerge as the champion and obtain the [Seal of the Dragons], this is even harder than ascending to the heavens All these Dragon Warriors, are they that important?

Arriving at Poplar Town, it was already late night.

Long Chen did not live together with the Yang family, but bought a room in the East Pavilion, living alone. Since growing up he has picked on many bad people, but none with important identity. Therefore even living alone, he has not met with any encounters.

Sticking to his usual routine once reaching home, Long Chen went to bathe and then finally stood before his bed. Suddenly, his cold eyes flashed.

The bed has been messed up, could it be a thief?

Long Chen maintained his suspicion and inspected for a while, but could not find anything amiss.

Long Chen laughed dryly and lay on the bed. Many events had occurred today, breaking through two Dragon Veins and entering the second level of Dragon Pulse Realm. Right now his energy is at its peak level, therefore finding it hard for him to fall asleep.

Right now it was after midnight, the time where people should sleep soundly. The newly made practitioner Long Chen had improved his senses, vaguely aware of someone approaching his room.

He quickly pressed the mechanism switch near his bed, and entered an underground cell. As for the bed, it maintained the same original shape.

Through the small crack of the floorboard, Long Chen peeked up and quietly observed.

Within breaths, two black suit masked men entered his room, and when they saw the bulging blanket that resembled his silhouette, they did not utter a word, and sent a knife slash towards his bed. A sound of bang could be heard as the bed split into two.

Eh? This useless bum is actually not here? Didnt we see him entering earlier?

He must have discovered our traces and escaped!

Hng, even if he escaped today he wont escape tomorrow. Well just come again tomorrow and with our abilities, handling this useless boy, wouldnt it be a piece of cake?

The two men hurriedly left.

Although he entered the second level of Dragon Pulse Realm, there were still many people who were much stronger than him. Long Chen did not dare to be careless. The two assassins earlier gave off a dangerous vibe, thinking about it the skills they had were not bad. If Long Chen faced them head on, there would not be a good ending.

Fortunately Im quick-witted, installing secret mechanisms on my bed. If not tonight my dead body would be lying here

His gaze held an icy stare.

In Poplar Town, there actually exist people who will dispatch assassins to kill me? Such a small fry like me, is it worth that kind of attention?

Thinking about it, Long Chen frowned once again. Even going through the list of probable suspects, he was still unable to figure out the mastermind.

The Yang family, while they forsaked him, is still not at the stage to hire experts to kill him.

Within this, there should exist a conspiracy that I dont know of. Oh well, Ill move back into the Yang family residence tomorrow. Firstly, my safety can be guaranteed. Secondly, I am only at level two of the Dragon Pulse Realm, without any fighting techniques, even if I meet someone from the first level I wouldnt be able to gain any advantages. Yang family has a Martial Techniques Hall, and right now I am still part of the Yang family, I should still be able to enter.

With a good technique, it is possible to increase my attack capabilities by several folds..

Back in the past he has seen Yang family members using fighting techniques, and their might was not to be messed with!

In the Yang family residence, Long Chen had a designated place to live in, just that he did not stay there for years. Once the sun had lit the sky, he carried numerous baggages back in the Yang family residence.

The Yang family mansion was extremely spacious, so whether Long Chen went back or not, it would not arouse any interest.

When he had finished tidying up his room, Long Chen consolidated his cultivation. After a night, his Qi rose once again, thinking of the near future, he can progress and move towards the 3rd level of the Dragon Pulse Realm.

Of course, the present was important. He had better go to the martial arts hall and obtain a fighting technique.

Yang familys rule was that as long as a member of the Yang family had entered the 1st level of Dragon Pulse Realm, they are qualified to enter the Martial Arts Hall and choose a fighting technique. And right now, Long Chen had satisfied that criteria.

Along the way, the maids and guards gazed at him coldly. Long Chen had long gotten used to it, these whispers behind his back, he could not care less. His memory aided him well, although he had only seen the Martial Arts Hall once, he was actually able to find the correct route towards it.

The Martial Arts Hall is a forbidden area of the Yang family. Only a member of the Yang family can enter, not to mention even the maids and guards could not go even close to it. Long Chen saw the stone door far ahead within the grove, and there was a tall pagoda behind those doors. It was the Martial Arts Hall.

Before he could step near the stone door, his path was already blocked by someone.

It was none other than Chen Liu who spit on Long Chen previously. Chen Lius age was similar towards Long Chens, and also had a cultivation in the second level of the Dragon Pulse Realm.

Seeing Long Chen had actually come to the Martial Arts Hall, Chen Liu was taken aback. Shortly after, he ridiculed him and said: Turns out it is Young Master Chen, why did you have time today to come to the Martial Arts Hall? I heard that a certain trash in the Yang family had gloriously kissed the floor yesterday, but why did Young Master Chen come here today instead of mourning?

Long Chen naturally understood the sarcasm, but Chen Lius speech had brought humiliation to him. Listening to it today, Long Chen felt his rage again. However he was just right in front of the Martial Hall. Before obtaining any techniques, he did not want to create any trouble, so he endured once again and walked around Chen Liu towards the hall.

However Chen Liu continued his harassment and blocked his path once again. He coldly laughed and said: Could it be that Young Master Chen is deaf, and couldnt hear a word I said?

I have already entered the Dragon Pulse Realm. Besides, to enter or not, what has it got to do with an outsider like you?

Raising his head, he stared at Chen Liu coldly.

Even without any true strength, Long Chen was able to mix around in Poplar Town for years, so his might was definitely there. In addition he had already entered the second level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, so this gaze unexpectedly scared Chen Liu into retreating a step back.

What? Did I hear wrongly? Entering the Dragon Pulse Realm is not to be entered by claiming you did. However I have time today, so I will witness Young Master Chens true strength!

Chapter end

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