Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 11 – Lingxi Sword

Chapter 11 – Lingxi Sword

Desolate Beast Domain; this is the boundary between the Central Granary State and Fiery Southern State.

Both countries do not even need to put any guards along this border, as it was a haven for demonic beasts.

At the same time, the earthly treasures in the Desolate Beast Domain were so plenty that just by looking down on the ground one might see some. Legend has it that the reason why the Desolate Beast Domain was so barren, to the point where flora could not grow there anymore, was because of other spiritual herbs which have absorbed heaven and earths essence from the area.

AhLuckily we did not fly in further, I estimate that after several more days, we can leave this decrepit place.

Lingxi who was being carried on Long Chens back happily rejoiced.

Both of them had been together for over a day, therefore, this girl who previously said that it was improper for men and women to touch each others hands, was now comfortably laying on Long Chens back, and was enjoying the feeling of being carried around.

Xiao Xi, you better shut your smelly mouth. This past day, if not for your chattering, would we have met with so many troubles? I had better say this first, should I die here, I will definitely rape you and kill you before I do, because only then will I rest in peace!

Long Chen desperately threatened, he was cautiously climbing and leaving the Desolate Beast Domain, but the girl on his back was constantly talking, scaring him till cold sweat was formed on his back.

After encountering the life threatening situation with the Moon Devouring Demonic Wolf, Long Chen right now was still in trauma.

Hng, you smelly brat, do you think I am an idiot. I have thought through it, now I am a sword, Lingxi Sword, so what can you to do me?

The grey mountains ahead seemed to be connected with the grey clouds in the sky as if there was no end to them. The air was ever permeating with the stench of skeletons and rotting corpses. Long Chen frowned, and continued on his way.

Half a months time will soon be gone, I want to leave this place, at the same time I need to enter the fifth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. The intra-family competition is right around the corner, if I do not obtain the [Seal of the Dragons], and I do not stop that damned wedding that is following after, then I have no chance in using my ability to confirm my existence.

Lingxi casually said: Right now youre only in the third level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. Wanting to reach the fifth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm in half a months time, with your resources in this pathetic town, it will truly be hard to achieve.

Lingxi spoke the truth, which made Long Chen feel even more disheartened.

He looked ahead at these large mountains lined across from him which were his only view, seemingly blocking his path, hence trapping him for an eternity.

Not right

Long Chen was suddenly enlightened, and thought: A mountain is meant to be climbed over. The half a months time isnt even over yet, why do I have to be discouraged? Father did not give me any permission to get discouraged!

In his heart suddenly he was overwhelmed with tens of thousands of grand emotions.

Feeling that Long Chens eyes were suddenly beaming with a fiery gaze, Lingxi muttered: What a strange fellow

Oh right, Xiao Xi, where do you think were at now? Our Central Granary State has 17 regions. Each regions land is very vast, take for example Poplar Town which is currently situated in Primary Spirit Region; there are already hundreds of towns like this.

Lingxi rolled her eyes and said: You are only a toad at the bottom of the well, this place where youre located is called the Ten Thousand Nations Domain. This small Central Granary State is but only one of ten thousand. And the Ten Thousand Nations Domain is only a small part of the Long Ji Continent.

Long Chen was petrified.

He shook his head and said: Girl, dont think you can bluff me. How on earth can this place be that huge, I only heard that beyond the Central Granary State there are only a few more nations.

Hng! Its your choice if you believe it or not.

Footsteps were stepping on the dried wood, producing a crisp sound.

Long Chen did not bother with Lingxi anymore, and fully concentrated on trying to hasten his journey. The Desolate Beast Domain had plenty of large crevices, and only because of these crevices, was Long Chen able to hide his figure.

From the front came a wild beast roar.

Xiao Xi, I sense that theres danger ahead, if its not important then try not to speak loudly.

Lingxi felt it as well, and quietly behaved after an En sound.

[TL Note: En is basically a confirmation, means Yes.]

Half a days time had passed crossing over mountain ranges. Long Chen raised his head and saw that the clouds far ahead did not look as ominous as before, a trace of sunlight beaming through, he rejoiced.

Thankfully this muddle-headed girl did not go in deeper. According to my speed now, if we dont encounter any dangerous situation, I estimate that well be able to get out in 2-3 days time. However we have wasted a total of about 5 days, so in only 10 days, how can I be a match for Yang Ling Yue?

The two continued on their journey.

If there was no danger, then they would bicker and chatter, teasing each other, if there was danger then the both of them would keep quiet out of fear.

As the days slowly passed, Lingxi too had felt the urgency in Long Chen. This day she suddenly said in a secretive tone: Hey, I, I have detected the scent of an Enchanted Hill Ginseng. Hehe.Tp vl updates on n/(o)/v/lb/in(.)com

Long Chen was surprised, and replied quickly, You detected the smell? Are you a dog? Dog noses are very sensitive indeed.

Lingxi was furious for a moment: Bastard, I genuinely want to help you, but you call me a dog, II dont wanna help you anymore, this way you will lose face at that intra-family competition. Hng!

Long Chen hurriedly pleaded, and after sweet-talking her for a while more, even addressing her as his great aunt, finally she simmered down and said: This is more like it, this Enchanted Hill Ginseng is an Intermediate Huang Grade and above spirit medicine. Although it doesnt have not much uses, but it can still help you a little.

Long Chen silently laughed: This fellows nose is so sensitive, I had better keep her by my side in the future.

Thinking of the idea of amassing a large pile of spirit medicine, Long Chen secretly made up his mind. The Lingxi who excitedly went to find the Enchanted Hill Ginseng at this point did not think that because of a moments impulse, Long Chen had already claimed her as his own.

Enchanted Hill Ginseng is a kind of strange spirit animal. Its body is originally the same as a spirit medicine, but after maturing to a hundred years, it is equipped with a spiritual nature and the ability to move around. So its extremely difficult to search for it. However it is still unable to escape my, Lingxis, grasp!

Go this way, go this way, were there soon, aiya, hurry and chase, its trying to escape, this way

Under the command of Lingxi, Long Chen chased after it rapidly. Earlier after going across a huge rock, he had already seen the Enchanted Hill Ginseng. This was a one meter tall humanoid, its whole body emitting a pale yellow light. A strong herbal smell was emitting from its body which made Long Chen go restless.

This is the crucial item that will allow me to step up in the intra-family competition. No matter what, I must obtain it.

Under the enforcement of the [Celestial Core Technique], Long Chen had explosively used an alarming speed and rushed towards the Enchanted Hill Ginseng.

Aggressively rushing into a valley, with the Enchanted Hill Ginseng right before his eyes, at this moment, Lingxi suddenly warned, Hey hey, stop, hide!

During the past three days, both of them had already had a mutual understanding. It didnt matter that the Enchanted Hill Ginseng was right in front, because Long Chen knew the saying of as long as the green mountains are there, one need not worry about firewood. This Desolate Beast Domain is not a place where he can carelessly run around. So before everything else, preservation of life was the most important. So when Lingxi said hide earlier, he had already made a roll, and fiercely dashed into a narrow crack inside the mountain.

[TL Note: (Idiom) As long as the green mountains are there, one need not worry about firewood. means when there is life there is hope.]

As he ran into the narrow crack, the Enchanted Hill Ginseng which was engrossed in running away had hurriedly stopped because in the valleys darkness from around, several beast roars could be heard. In the next instant, a few black shadows rapidly dashed out, and surrounded the Enchanted Hill Ginseng. Heavy breathing could be heard from these beasts.

A total of five beasts, their whole body jet black, their body was compact and small similar to a black leopard, but their snout was sharper and longer. Their four claws were as if knife blades, and as they sprinted, dark red traces came out from their bodies and a smell reeking of blood hung in the air.

This actually isDemonic Earth Hounds

Chapter end

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