A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 18: Secret Connections

Chapter 18: Secret Connections

, Wet Nurse Chen's face was downcast as she looked at Hexi’s pale face and petite body, the rims of her eyes slightly reddening. She blamed herself for being useless, making things so difficult for Miss., "Wet Nurse doesn’t need to worry, I will solve the matter of food and money. You tell Mo San to bring Li Si here.", Soon, the withered and thin face of Li Si was brought in front of Hexi., He trembled all over when he saw Hexi, fear filling his eyes as he kneeled and began to kowtow, "Miss, I was wrong, I shouldn't have listened to uncle about harming you, please spare me!", Li Si, with his own eyes, had seen the tragic way his uncle had died, and these last few days he saw the lifeless and empty eyes of Mo San obeying her every word. He was now extremely frightened of this girl before him., Hexi got up slowly, walked to stand in front of Li Si, and looked down at him, "I can spare your worthless life, but only if you obediently tell me, who is this Butler Zhang that sold me to Gluttonous House?, "It…it was Zhang Dezhong!" Li Si didn't dare cover up the truth, quickly replying with a trembling voice, "He is the cousin of Madam's Wet Nurse, in the Manor he received an important position from Eldest Young Master and Second Miss, this last half a year, he’s been in charge of delivering supplies for this courtyard. I…uncle and I listened to his bewitching words, only then did we help him hit Miss until you passed out and sent you to the city! But the matter about selling you to Gluttonous House was not related with me! Miss, please spare me, I wouldn’t dare to disobey you anymore!", Strictness flashed across her appearance, and she asked indifferently, "Where can I find Zhang Dezhong?", Li Si hesitated slightly, he looked down while trembling with fear, "I don't know. Butler Zhang such a big person, how can we, this small servants know his whereabout….ah ah ah—!", He hadn’t finished speaking, when Hexi had already kicked him, her left foot firmly stepping on his chest, "I forgot to tell you, I have a bad temperament. If you dare lie to me, although I will not kill you, I will make your life worse than if you had died!", "I’ll speak! I’ll speak! Miss, please spare me!" Li Si's hoarse voice let out a miserable howl to beg for forgiveness, "I don't know where Butler Zhang lives, but, but everyday he will go to Zhangle workshop to gamble, other than that I really don't know! Miss, please spare me!", Zhang Dezhong! Nalan Feixue! Hexi sneered and suddenly lifted her hand, in a flash several silver needles entered Li Si's brain., Li Si screamed "AH", as he glared at Hexi, his eyes filled with fear and resentment, "You…you said you would spare me…", Without managing to finish his implication, his eyes lost their radiance, becoming a puppet that lacked the ability to resist., Hexi slowly spoke while sneering, "I said that I would spare your worthless life, but I didn't say that I would let you live freely.", ****, At noon, the most prosperous street of Yan Jing city was bustling with activities, the crowd coming and going, with peddlers shouting about their wares on the sides., The most lively place was coming from the gate of Zhangle workshop., Zhangle workshop wasn’t only one gambling house, it almost occupied half the streets of this district. Besides running a gambling house, there was a restaurant, an entertainment house, numerous treasure pavilions and the slave marketplace., Therefore, Zhangle workshop's gate always had all kinds of people coming and going. Among them were elegant men with bright and neat clothing, and beautiful, delicate women that could attract people., However, at this moment, there was a person at Zhangle workshop's gate that attracted everyone’s eyes.,

Chapter end

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