A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 6 - The Spirit Gem Gobbling Chick

Chapter 6 - The Spirit Gem Gobbling Chick

, , Chapter 15 – Wet Nurse Chen’s Despair, Inside the main room the previous joyous and giggling atmosphere suddenly halted. The present scene causing the servant’s faces to change, particularly that of a servant boy named Xiao Si., Butler Li’s hair had been grabbed and pulled until it was completely matted. His neck was marred with nail scratches that dripped blood, freezing him with shock before he reacted by fiercely kicking Wet Nurse Chen’s abdomen., Butler Li is a cultivator of the Qi Refining stage third layer, the foot he used to kicked contained one hundred percent of his strength. There was no way for the weak Wet Nurse Chen to resist, her body flying through the air like a bullet before it fell, heavily knocking against the corner of the table., Xiao Si, who always followed Butler Li, stepped forward. Ruthlessly stepping on the back of Wet Nurse Chen’s hand, his face revealing a fierce expression., “We were kind enough to give you face, but clearly this half dead old woman has no sense of shame. Who do you think you are that you actually dared to threaten us?”, “If you are as obedient as a dog, like you were previously, maybe we will let you off. But now that your Miss isn’t here, you actually dared to be so brazen. Don’t blame us then for being so merciless.”, Wet Nurse Chen raised her head as she endured the pain throughout her body, looking at the people surrounding her. Their eyes flickered fiercely with an ominous glint., Not one of them was surprised that the Miss was missing! It actually seemed as if they were rejoicing at other people’s misfortune, each showing an expression filled with evil intentions., These people……these people must know the whereabouts of Miss, it seems like they’re the ones who harmed Miss!, Wet nurse Chen’s heart started to sink, and with difficulty she struggled to get up. Facing them heavily in a kowtow, “I beg you, tell me where Miss went. If you want me to compensate with this old life, I’m willing to do that. I’ll work extremely hard for you in the future, so please, tell me where Miss is?”, “Ha ha ha ha……” The servants encircling Wet Nurse Chen burst out in malicious laughter., Butler Li laughed evilly, suddenly grabbing all the pai gow1 on the table. He tossed them in front of Wet Nurse Chen, “If you swallow all of these, I’ll tell you where your Miss is.”, Wet Nurse Chen’s complexion paled to a deathly white. There were several dozen tiles before her, she was simply unable to swallow them all., “You…you group of beastly slags….”, Before she could even finish speaking, someone behind her ruthlessly kicked her, forcing her face to be knocked into the pile of tiles in front of her., “Butler Li told you to eat it, are you deaf?!”, Xiao Si fiercely stepped on her face with his foot, while someone else held up half of the palm sized tiles, and stuffed them in her mouth. The room filled with the sound of sinister laughter., “—-” Wet Nurse Chen violently struggled, desperately shouting, “You…..you group of evil slaves, I will…..…..will tell Master, you killed Miss…..…..this will not end well for you all!”, Standing in front of Wet Nurse Chen, enjoying the view, was Butler Li and his confidant, Xiao Si. Glancing at each other, their eyes flashed with an ominous glint., None of the servants knew Nalan Hexi’s whereabouts. They only knew someone in the Nalan Family thought her unpleasant to the eyes, and that they wanted to teach her a lesson. But these two, only the two of them knew, that the trash that was Nalan Hexi would never come back., That person had promised that as long as they helped manage this matter well, making Nalan Hexi disappear secretly, that they will be allowed to be transferred back to the Nalan Manor. There they would be provided with generous cultivation resources., It seemed that this obscure old woman wouldn’t remain quiet., Butler Li sneered, leaned over, and with a sinister voice whispered, “Since you are so loyal, and want so very much to see your Miss, then I’ll send you to go accompany your Madam and Miss! When you arrive in the underworld, you have to remember my achievements and meritorious behaviour.”, Finished speaking, he slowly raised his head. Suddenly dropping it, he hit the top of Wet Nurse Chen’s head hard!, Wet Nurse Chen’s desperation filled eyes closed, her heart full of hate and hopelessness. She was powerless to do anything., 1Dominoes used for gambling

Chapter end

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